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USA big penis male sexual stimulant this product used imports raw materials, makes male penis growth increased rough.

Improve male sexual capacity, effective treatment impotence, premature ejaculation, improve sexual life quality, hearing speed solution men of secret sorrow.

According to United States expert John Dr of research proved, men and woman reached the climax of time is does not as of, both exists must time-poor, men as long as can shot, on can reach a climax, a woman may from time to as they need a long time strongly stimulate, needs continued long time passion campaign, 68% of female average needs time up 8 minutes above to reached climax, and which 45% of women average needs time 12 minutes above to reached climax, but 75% above of male they too hot-tempered,


This product is based, ginseng, Radix codonopsis and Achyranthes paint made of Poria cocos Wolf extract as the main raw material of health food, the functional test provides that health function of alleviating physical fatigue.


Main ingredients:

Codonopsis pilosula, Achyranthes paint, such as ginseng, Poria cocos



suitable for kidney Yang-deficiency type of impotence, impotence, and will not be strong, microgastrinae Yam cool, fine cold slide release, mental weariness, fatigue, soreness of the waist and the knees, low libido, functional impotence and urinary frequency, urinary urgency, urinary pain small abdominal distension of prostate diseases such as pain, testicular swelling, such as sexual dysfunction.


Method and dosage:

1 pill, taken 30 minutes before your need Product specifications: 12 PILLS/box

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